About Us

Welcome to Gethealtharticles.com; The website which is owned by Mr. Hardyn Rich, the CEO of the MHR corporation. The Gethealtharticles.com is a new project introduced on 30th April, 2013 as announced by Mr. Hardyn at Thistle Hotel, UK while briefing the press release.

In the present era, when the technology being updated day by day, MHR believe that the awareness programs must be held among the people in different areas for at least familiarity about the already spread diseases and the upcoming also. Some treatments are possible at home however, some required the proper consultancy of experts.

With this big dream, we are limited for man resource and other problems as well. So, we can't able to spread the information like that.

Keeping the necessity of the current society and the limitation of the resources, the MHR corporation has decided to launch a website contains these kinds of knowledge and everybody could easily be reached at this online academy of health and fitness to quench the thirst as said by Mr. Malwin Fernald, the Co-Director of the GHA.

The Gethealtharticles.com is a non-profit collection of education covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism.

What Would This Site Provides The Reader:

This site contains purely the material regarding:

  • The disease: Basic information about a specific virus.
  • The precaution: The knowledge & useful tips to cover own self in a protection shield. So, that the illness through the disease will not affect the body.
  • The symptoms: The information which let the reader know that what are the alarming signs to identify the victim of the disease.
  • The treatment: This section contains the information and knowledge about the treatment of the human body been attacked by the virus. And also includes the possible ways to get rid from the disease.

Our Limitations:

Although, we have the passion and want to help the human being but still we know that we are not the qualified doctors. We would suggest the reader, the treatment rather than we entertain the illness and treat it. So, if you know or think that the suggestion in not suitable for you, it\'s better to concern the professional.

Whom We Welcome:

We welcome all of you specially medical students to share the piece of information to help the humanity.

Our Intentions:

Our content is freely given away at no cost. The Gethealtharticles.com is not for sale, and does not accept any deal to cover any story. We have no particular religious affiliation and are considered religion-neutral. We also have no particular political affiliation.