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Posted on: Apr, 30th 2013 at 07:46 PM

Like many people I was also searching about the questions what is first degree burn. Finally I have found the definition. It is the damage to tissues in the physique induced by heat, electrical power, chemicals or radiation. About 2 - 2.5 million men and women suffer from burns within the US each and every year. Burn up injuries will be the nation's third biggest cause of accidental death and trigger 300,000 major injuries and 6,000 fatalities every year.

Since it is the simplest and most common burns. It effects the outer layer of skin, and that is called the epidermis. This is also the part of answers that first degree burn is a small burn injuries that usually heal speedily.

Damage of First Degree Burn to Skin

1st degree burn would be happened through:

  • staying out insecure under the sun for long time without any precaution
  • by contacting something like stove or even from getting in touch with a heated surface like leather seats, bags, etc
  • working in heated and warm environment like kitchen or generator room
  • facing the hot steam like working within a boiler.

Most of the men and women suffered through the 1st degree burns.


Usually it's harmless and will not influence the human skin so ridiculously but it does not mean to neglect it's consequences. The healthcare study inform us that the skin tissues are burning out by the instant effects of this heat over the human skin and the outcomes could possibly be felt and noticed afterwards.

Furthermore, when the burn repeats, it triggers the serious damage for the skin and will cause skin cancer.


When the skin effected from the first degree burns, research define and indicates below signs:

  • the skin changes its color into red
  • a smaller amount of discomfort also feels on the impacted region (could define as sensation of heat)
  • warmness might be exhaled from the skin
  • the skin might be turned into dryer
  • at times the swelling comes up. It is depending upon the oldness and weakness of the skin tissues i.e. skin in the older men and women or little kids
  • upon pressing, the skin changes the color into white or blanch (type of bleached)
  • once the burned location healed-up, skin get started to peel-off soon after

An important thing is to know that all of the above mentioned signs or indications would start off once the skin inhales the heat but can be non-noticeable. These signs might be naturally viewable just after 15 - 24 hours following the experience and that is the peak time.

Healing Time:

First degree burn would usually takes three to six day to heal-up.