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Posted on: May, 1st 2013 at 01:53 PM

Once the human skin effected from the first degree burn, some people have the intention to rush towards the first aid while several rushes to visit the medical professional for 1st degree burn treatment. Some believe that how easy is the first degree burn treatment but if negligence treat with the injured area, harmful impact occurs including increase of pain.

We recommend both the ways right here as we believe both are required at their places. One should take the primary help straight away. So, this can make the affected individual calm and relax that the problem won't make damages further. Then go to the healthcare expert for first degree burn treatment.

Some of us have made up our believes that it is really tricky to understand the ways of treating 1st degree burn. However the solution comes to us that in the existing and present era, when lots of things could be found through internet than why cannot we learn at least the first aid information through this technology.

How to Treat First Degree Burns:

Every remedy have two phases:

  • All about to block further destroy. This is called first aid.
  • To rebuild or reconstruct the damaged or broken.

Run Cool Water Immediately - 1st Degree Burn TreatmentFor First Degree Burn Treatment, Use Petroleum JellyNever Use Butter on Burned Area

Follow the initial help actions listed below for first degree burn treatment to relief the ache and protect against more complications.

  • Run the burn up under cold water as quickly as you can. Allow the cold water run on it for not more than 5 - 7 minutes. In order to quite the burn quickly, it is necessary to cool down immediately. You would get into the cool water shower as well. Be sure cool won't meant the use of ice. (While treating first degree burns, never ever use ice to deal with it.) Ice may induce much more injury to the skin.
  • In order to soothe the skin, a person could use Aloe-Vera or vitamin E.
  • Rub some type of petroleum jelly gently on the burned area. Kindly do not rub too much since the skin lost it's smoothness and is sensitive enough. To provide some moisture to the skin, we suggest to follow this step.
  • To ease the pain and swelling, take the pain relievers i.e. Ibuprofen pills. If the burn is minor, then do not use the pill (recommended).
  • Some people use butter on injured surface. Please don't do this mistake because butter will increase the pain.
  • If the injuries happen over the such part of the body which is usually cover-up into dress than dress up with cotton garments. The clothes must be loose as well (don't think about others for your dressing).
  • Take care of your own self till the burn should not be totally healed-up.