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Natural Acne Cure

Posted on: Mar, 22nd 2014 at 04:12 AM

Say bye to Acne and start countdown

Mostly people think that acne is an extremely embarrassing and troublesome problem either it is on back, shoulder, face or anywhere upon the body. If you think that you can't stop your acne, you're wrong; you can do. The very next question is "How Can & How expensive" it is? Don't waste your time and money to buy expensive medicines or creams. Now you can remove the acne through natural acne cure method. Below are some natural acne cure tips for you to remove it because natural remedies are more effective and cheapest as compare to medicines. These are some self-help techniques that make your skin smoother & better within few weeks.

Natural Acne Cure

There are some way/things through which you can relieve yourself from acne. They all comes under the umbrella of natural acne cure methods.

Baking Soda:

First you mix up a paste of baking soda and water equally then apply it to your acne affected area specifically. Don't apply it on your whole face. But follow the cure as mentioned below after applying it to achieve the best results.

  • Leave it for few minutes until it dry.
  • Wash your face with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. Cold water will help to close pores.
  • Repeat this treatment few days. If this treatment will leave any harassment on your skin, just stop this treatment.

This treatment is very simple and effective. It dries your skin breakouts and removes blackheads.Natural Acne Cure

Honey Cleansing:

For better and good skin, wash your face with honey in the morning daily. Take approx 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey. Insert few drops of water if needed and massage your skin with slightly wet fingers. After massage leave it for 10 to 15 minutes until it dry then wash with warm water. It will remove overload oil with no side effects on your face skin.
Remember this will not remove makeup. If you want to remove makeup see the "Oil Cleansing Method" also.Natural Acne Cure

Lemon Juice Therapy:

First you have to cut the lemon in to two(2) pieces. Then start rubbing it on acne. If you are felling harsh that means it working. In lemon there is "Citric Acid", which removes the bacteria of acne. Wash your face completely and then take sunscreen. Citric Acid also bleaches your skin and protects your skin from the sun damage.Natural Acne Cure

Don't Scratch or poop your pimples:

If you will scratch your pimples, remember that it influences over your skin is much harmful and whatever you have achieve yet regarding cure and treatment, they all gone waste. Actually acne is a bacteria. If you scratch your pimple, it will be spread out and will be affected others pores as well.
So if you want to hide it, stop scratching and pooping it.Natural Acne Cure

Eat Probiotics Foods:

Probiotics foods are good for skin because in Probiotics there are micro-organisms which are helpful to protect the skin from different bacteria's. To make your skin acne- free you must need healthy diet. It will give your body energy and make your skin much better.Natural Acne Cure

Contact to a doctor:

What should I do if I am not get ridding from acne? If you will not get rid of acne from any of above way, you should contact to your doctor without any hesitation because it may be the reaction caused by some dirty and useless chemicals. Those chemical seems better for a short period but afterwards you will come again on the same condition. Doctor will test your skin and suggest you a better way that cures your skin best.