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Posted on: May, 3rd 2013 at 05:05 AM

What is 2nd Degree Burn You have get the definition and awareness about first degree burn in other article. Now here is the description of second degree burn which is also known as Partial-Thickness Burn. I think we all knew that there are some layers of human skin. In the 2nd degree burns, the heat pass through the first layer that is epidermis and reaches to second one that is dermis. The dermis layer is below the epidermis or you can say inside the epidermis.

The pains and ache in this category is more than the first degree. The injuries hit the deeper layer of the skin but did not hurt the bones and the muscles.

Usually in this type of burn, people panic themselves and their hyper attitude caused the confusion. So, it is strongly suggested to go for a medical check-up. However, both the ways are equal in this case i.e. treating at home or consult an expert. An important thing is, if the injury burns two to three inches deeper, it is highly recommended to go to the healthcare expert.

Antiseptic would be the result, if the infected person would not take care about the treatment and injury. Moreover, there is the chance of spreading the antiseptic to the nearby areas if negligent.

Causes of 2nd Degree Burn

We have define the second degree burn above. Here we are mentioning few examples, from which an individual could be victim

  • Keeping out under the sun for more than usual time.
  • Touch the very hot object like an iron.
  • Interaction with heated liquids i.e. hot water, hot curry etc.
  • Experience the fire or flames.
  • Make contact with highly flammable or dangerous chemicals.
  • Working insecurely with an electricity.

Signs and Indicators

There are some signs from that one would identify the second degree burn.Blister Due to Second Degree Burn

  • The blister gathered into the skin. It is the fluid (either pus or white colorless fluid) get together in a pocket of the skin.
  • The color of the upper skin layer would be red surrounding the burned area.
  • The inside skin layer might be appeared white in color.
  • Some sort of fluid might be come out from the burned skin (depending on the energetic tissues of the skin of the burned person).
  • The significant swelling with unbearable pain.

Healing Time

What information we get from the researches regarding it's healing time, we are writing the same here that is 10 - 15 days.