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Posted on: May, 4th 2013 at 08:57 AM

Skin burns are extremely painful and may range from first degree to third degree. No matter the extent in the skin burn up, prompt remedy is usually essential. Since the grading a skin burn may perhaps be complicated, some people faces difficulties while differentiating. For example, victims may have trouble differentiating between a first/second degree burn and second/third degree. We have already posted the detail articles for reader ease about first degree burn and second degree burn. So, the victim may well recognize the type.

Tips on How to Treat with a 2nd Degree Burns:

The important thing is the care in second degree burn treatment. Just like having a 1st degree burns, you need to run cool water above a burned up area for 10 - 20 minutes to clean the injury and also to help for minimize the ache and swelling. We mentioned in the first degree burn treatment method that do not use the ice. It is restricted in second degree burn treatment as well.

Uncovered Hands Restricted In 2nd Degree Burn TreatmentPrior to cleaning a burn up, wash your hands. Never touch the injury with your uncovered hands or any dirty thing, since open blisters would quickly be infected. Intentionally or unintentionally don't break the blisters. Clean the burned part with mild soap and water. A few of the burned skin might peel-off while washing. Dry the washed injured area with the help of a clean cotton cloth. An antibiotic ointment would be used upon the burned portion when treating.

Use Bandage During Second Degree Burn TreatmentThe use of a bandage might not be compulsory, when the burned skin or blisters have not be broken or opened. However, if the skin or blisters are probably to be dirty or be irritated by clothes, use and apply a bandage. But if the injured skin or blisters have broken open, a bandage is required.

In addition to above, one would change the bandage anytime. But change it when the used bandage gets wet or soiled.

If a bandage is jammed to a burned up area, soak it in mild warm water for making the bandage less difficult to take away. If possible, use a anti stick dressing. Don't wrap the bandage tightly and make it loose in order to avoid stress over the burned skin. Never use any kind of tape with the bandage. Swelling would be the result.

In the case of second degree burn when the injury is deeper than two or three inches, serious attention is necessary. It is highly suggested to go to medical check-up. Taking no notice might be result in embarrassed skin coloration.

Things to Avoid During Second Degree Burn Treatment

  • Ice
  • Butter
  • Do not change the bandage
  • Dirty wipers or uncovered hands