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Posted on: May, 6th 2013 at 05:26 AM

As we stated in the article of second degree burn that the upper most layer of the skin is known as epidermis and the lower layer is known as dermis. The healthcare specialists named the deeper layer of the skin, the hypodermis. The simplest definition of third degree burns is: "The heat cross the two leading layers and injured the third lowest layer in the third degree burn."

Damage Of Skin In Third Degree BurnIf the victim could able to see the white color of the skin, once the skin burned out, it's mean that he or she is endured from the 3rd degree burns and that is a critical burn up. Because of this, the full thickness of the skin is broken. It may be possible that the body fat, nerves, muscle tissues, and bones would be affected. The area isn't usually agonizing since nerve endings are already been broken. The skin burned inadequately could be seemed white, black or brown and won't heal without the considerable scarring.

There is a conflict among health care professionals regarding the classification of 3rd degree burn and the 4th degree burn. If the muscular tissues and the bones would be damaged, some expert separate it from third degree burn and count in the fourth degree burn while other treats this as a sign of third degree burn. What the result would be? the injured have no concern for it.

3rd Degree Burn Looks LikeWell, this is often looks like a critical problem. The heath care specialist recommends to go to the medical hospital or clinic.

Dropping down the burned part under the cool water, would be very helpful for pain relief and it is considered to be the best in the first aid process according to the medical doctors.

Causes of 3rd Degree Burn

Third degree damages usually occurs because of:

  • Fire on yarn mills, row cotton mills, fabric mills, fabric stores, garment factory, garment store etc.
  • Engaging own self within a extremely hot water or some ordinary liquid.
  • Contact with flames or boiling substance.
  • Working with an electrical power.
  • Using the acidic chemical compounds inappropriately.

3rd Degree Burn Indicators?

Following are the indications of third-degree burns:

  • Damage of all the skin layers (including nerves)
  • Painless (since nerves have been affected) or minor discomfort
  • Skin color probably be appeared as white, black dry or leathery
  • Scorching of little skin edges would be possible
  • Peeling off some of the surrounding skin

Healing Time

The third degree burns victim consumes more time in health recovery as compare to the 2nd degree burn victim that is certainly based upon how much deeper the injuries are. But as qualified says that the burned area will completely wound up after 3 weeks.