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Posted on: May, 19th 2013 at 10:23 AM

What causes Acne? By nature acne might be assumed as a hormonal disorder. The responsibility for the skin oil gland maturation arises over hormones and once these glands will be matured, they build the ability of having acne injuries. This might be the main reason that children don't have this problem.

What Causes Acne Scientifically?

Substantial hormones give signal to the skin glands to produce more oil (sebum). Oil discharges from the skin pores to guard the skin and provide the moisture to it. Oil blends with dead cells and blocks the skin's pores which will lead to the commencement of Acne. Skin contains too many sticky cell sometime with some people. Bacteria might be developed in this mixture. And when this mixture seeps outs to the closer tissues, it will result in redness, swelling and pus. Mostly this raised bump is known as pimple among people.

But the question still remain floating in mind that what causes acne? Overproduction of normal oils in the skin, dead skin cells, inflammation as well as the production of bacteria causes the acne according to the medical expert.

However the American Academy of Dermatology says that the finding cause of acne is a mystery.

Why Should I Have to Know What Causes Acne?

After reviewing all the possible causes of acne another query arises that why should I get the awareness of what causes acne? For productive acne treatment or stopping the breakouts, it is very essential to determine the type of acne you are suffered from. It is not simple to discover they type of acne. However it is not the absolute finding but knowing the common result of acne will help you to short list the research for the solution of skin clearance.

Most Common Reasons

1. Pimple popping

Removing the pimples from the face or anywhere over the body by popping & squeezing is highly risky.

We have written in past articles for Acne that bursting the acne will effects in prolonging the time of re-covering. Popping up the skin acne might be the top causes of it's scarring.Pimple Popping Is The Cause Of Acne

2. Bad Hygiene / Diet & Nutrition

Whatever we eat would surely has some influence on the human body either positive or negative. So, some food items have the negative impact on us. Those food items which are not suitable when one would suffered from acne listed separately in article foods that causes acne.

3. Cosmetics

To break out the acne by using new product that results new acnes over your skin. The product might be the makeup, sunscreen, solutions irritating perfumes in the fabric softeners, or even irritation from toothpaste.

Unsafe Cosmetics Might Be The Cause Of AcneIt also includes the unhygienic use of the surrounding items which help in transferring the bacteria from one place to another like brushes, dirty curtain and pillows etc.

4. Medicines

Some of the prescribed drugs that would be heavy and unbearable for the human body resulting the excess growth of sticky cell and the end-result is the numerous pimples on body. To reduce your chances of acne break outs, you'll want to consider all of the potential side effects of those medicines before use and choose other options when practical.

5. Industrial Chemicals

A lot of chemical substances can worsen acne whenever they come into make contact with your skin.

Check the list beneath to determine if these work-place chemicals are being factors caused for acne scars you're exposed to:

  • Coal Tars
  • Grease
  • Chlorinated Industrial Chemicals: Used in herbicides and toxins
  • Dioxin: Often found in herbicides.
  • Fabric Softener

6. Stress

Stress could influent on skin and make the acne symptom worsen than prior. It isn't mean that whenever you will be stressed, a new pimple would be noticed over your face. But stress would be a cause among other reasons for generation and production of acne.

Sleep is essential need of life & body. The tissues will become relax and do their job more actively once the body gets into the sleep, hence could capable to fix the spoiled tissues. Similar to stress, rest might not immediately result in acne treatment but a lack of rest can contribute into the complexity.Avoid Stress Which The Cause Of Acne

Uncommon / Possible Causes of Acne

What causes acne other than above common list.

1. Genetics

The Genes has a large influence in the life of human being. If you have the consistent problem, it might be due to the hereditary from your parents. Check the skin history of your parents, you might find the cause from there.

2. Hormonal Change in Adult

The most common & evident examples of hormonal acne would be the acne you get in puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause.

Hormonal acne, usually adult acne, have a tendency to arise at the lower part of the face, over the chin and jaws line. They are larger and deeper spots. As compare to guys, females normally experience more adult hormonal acne because of their monthly menses.

If you get numerous deep pimples or cysts, the higher possibility is that they are due to your hormones.

3. Bacteria

The acne bacteria "P. Acnes" is a undesirable representative. Persons presume that if one would wish to destroy the acne, would have to only kill the bacteria and the result would be favorable. The actual truth is that the bacteria P. Acnes survives on everyone's skin, regardless if that skin is clear or have numerous of pimples spot.

Sebum is very well nourishes by P. Acnes. Generally the production of sebum is larger in the skin having acne-prone or might be the cleaning of these bacteria would not be done properly which results in getting trapped in pores through any means and prepare the fertile surface for the growth & development of p. acne.

The skin having acne-prone, there may be generally an overproduction of sebum or sebum does not get sloughed off appropriately and will get trapped in hair follicles, either way developing fertile grounds for p. acnes growth.

4. Poor Cell Turnover Rate

When dead skin cells would not discarding in the correct figure and block the pores.

5. Disturbed Skin Barrier Function

If your skin is irritated or getting dry excessively, the risk of p. acnes would be higher. With the poor performance of skin wall, it doesn't do an excellent work of defending itself. That's why people having dry skin attacked by the acne easily.

6. Underlying Health Problems

Underlying wellness challenges could also bring about acne. These include candida, thyroid problems, PCOS, diabetes, digestive imbalances, and metabolic process concerns.

7. Overly Active Sebaceous Glands

Hormonal change during puberty is quite a normal thing which result the oil gland alteration and production of the sebum over skin.

8. Toxin Build-Up

Harmful toxins could be generated by constipation or bad liver/kidney/intestinal performance, and become one of the cause of acne.

9. Mixed Signals

Many times, acne grazes might become the reason for Rosacea flares, various kinds of dermatitis, and/or keratosis pilaris.